The Spirit and the bride say, “come”. And let the one who hears say, “come”.

And let the one who is thirsty come;
let the one who desires take the water of life without price.

Revelations 22:17

Zi Jian

Organising Lead, #HACK 2020
Head of eMissions, CEFC
Head of Projects, Indigitous Singapore


My name is Zi Jian, and I’m heading this year’s #HACK. When I first prayed about what God’s plan for #HACK, He gave me this verse. I wrote a piece of my thoughts in an article, but I thought I would share with you an essence of my reflections:

As I meditated on this verse over the next few weeks, there were 3 things that resonated within me. 


First, the Great Commission is not a man thing, it is a divine partnership with the Spirit. The Spirit and the Bride both working toward the same mission, in the spiritual and the earthly realms. Even as we engage in missions and evangelism, we have to be sensitive to what the Spirit has already set in motion or the way that the Spirit has already prepared for us. In this pandemic, the awakening of the Church to the use of digital space is something we see happening across the world. It took this virus to force the Church online. 


Secondly, the message to be declared or proclaim to the world is “Come”. Come carries with it a sense of invitation, a feeling of being welcomed and love. It is a word that focuses on tearing down barriers and creating access between people. Many a times, the Church has built walls and kept people out rather than tearing it down so that people might come and hear. How can we allow people to come to hear the gospel? How can we prepare the way for the Lord in their hearts? The answer is love.

Lastly, this is a calling and natural response of anyone who has heard the Gospel. If you have heard the Gospel and believed in it, let us share this free gift of the water of life to anyone who would listen.

To the church, COVID-10 has presented us with this divine opportunity to reach out to many online even as physical interaction decreases. Do you want to join us in this commission to declare the hope of the world to the world? I invite you to join me in proclaiming “Come” this year in #HACK. 

See you this October!

This Year’s Challenge


There are many people that are hurting, looking for hope, or looking for the water of life  the last, the least and the lost. They are in the digital space, perhaps hiding behind happy profile pics, active feeds, or even silently lurking in the background. God sees them, and He has called upon you. 

Whom has God laid upon your heart? 

 As we seek God and follow His commandments and transform to His likeness in our discipleship, our heart breaks for the things that breaks God’s heart. In other words, our spiritual eyes are open to see the burdens on God’s heart, or what is breaking His heart.

Is there a group of people that God has placed in your heart to befriend or to bless? How would Jesus respond to their needs, their hurts or perhaps to them as lost sheep? How would He share with them His good news? Who around you are in bondage, under oppression, lost or hurt? 

We invite you to explore this deeper in Indigitous #HACK, and let it become the foundation of the challenge you can ideate and work on, with other fellow brothers and sisters.


Finding Your “Challenge” and Forming a Team

An Evening for Inspirations

and Team Formations 

In a hackathon, there are usually predefined challenges (or problems) that teams can work on. This year, however, we are led by faith to allow you, the participant, to find your very own challenge, through a special event on 10 Oct 2020, 8pm to 10pm.

Based loosely on the Unconference format, this event brings like-minded people together and enables collaborative peer-to-peer learning.

Open a Session

Every attendee is free to suggest a people group (e.g. gamers) and become a session host.


Pray, Share and Discuss

Other attendees can select a session to partake in facilitated discussions.

Form Teams

You will likely meet a few like-minded attendees, and these could become your team members.

 Behind every screen is a person, and that person is in need of the Gospel. May our hearts be open to see what God sees.