#HACK Programme

Besides participants working in teams to create new solutions to the challenges of reaching the unreached, there are also a number of pre-recorded design-thinking and product-thinking workshops, speakers with a missional focus, worship sessions and community-bonding events that equip you, enrich your experience, and help you form spiritually supportive relationships.

#HACK2020 is a virtual hackathon and will be held on the Hopin platform. All timings are subject to finalisation.

10 Oct, Sat

Inspiration Evening and Team Formation

8pm – 10pm

Meet other participants and visitors as we come together to share the heart we have for different people groups. 

This year, there are no fixed challenges. Instead, there is a facilitated process to discover the different people groups you feel a burden for, find like-minded people, and have conversations on the needs of these people groups. 

This is a crucial segment of #HACK, so you are strongly encouraged to attend!

16 Oct, Fri

#HACK Begins

7pm till late

We’ll start on time, so don’t miss it! An opening address by our #HACK organising lead Zi Jian.

Isaac Ong and Simon Seow will be our presenting speakers for this evening. 

Participants will get a chance to form teams, if they haven’t already done so. 

Thereafter, #HACKing officially begins!

17 Oct, Sat

#HACK Continues

8am till late

Various activities throughout the day helps you to make friends, stay in-tuned with God, and connect with #HACK cities around the world.

There is also a special consultation evening where you get initial feedback on your ideas before pitching the next day.

18 Oct, Sun

Submitting Your Ideas

8am – 5pm

Ready to submit your team’s ideas? Be it a video, a deck, or a working prototype, your submission will be made available to judges in the form of a virtual booth.

This also means you get to visit other teams, check them out, and of course encourage them on this journey!

24 Oct, Sun

#HACK Afterglow and Prize Presentation

2pm – 4pm

Come back after a week and reconnect with your teammates! This is #HACK Afterglow, the ember after the fire of the event, and it is during this time that our judges will announce the winning teams. 

Thoughts from Past Participants

“The event reminded me that there can be unity without uniformity. It brought together people from different denominations, diff walks of life, cultures and talents. Further emphasised that the Gospel is what unites us believers first… and that as long as we come to love and know God for who He is, we’ll know how to love His people as He inspires us. #HACK was more than just a tech event for me.” Julia

#HACK 2019 Participant, Team Hidden Ventures

“The project I’m working is new, as are my team members, but I’m still glad that I didn’t miss this opportunity. I think the underlying heart behind every hackathon is to use technology to bridge and/or advance these social issues. We hope to raise awareness of these issues and connect those who are struggling with others who can help them overcome what they’re going through.” Jia Chen, 22

#HACK 2018 Participant

“We signed up as a team of engineers, designers and computer scientists from Zion Serangoon Bible Presbyterian Church. I heard about Indigitous and was really keen to participate in it because it sounded really special because it was a Christian hackathon. There’s a very different emphasis and focus here and I can see that it’s not about coding for yourself. It’s about coding with love for people. That’s what sets it apart.” Si Han, 22

#HACK 2018 and 2019 Participant, Team Squadra

I think it’s a great start but to really be useful the projects should continue. One cool thing was that unlike other competitions, we were praying for the other teams to do well! We felt that we were all one big team building different aspects of one Kingdom we all share together. Such a sweet feeling of unity in heart.” Tiana

#HACK 2019 Participant, Team KaiTalk

 Behind every screen is a person, and that person is in need of the Gospel. May our hearts be open to see what God sees.